May 13, 2024


The Department of Polymer and Process Engineering (PPE) at the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore successfully organized the 1st Pak Polymer Symposium 2024, a pioneering event aimed at fostering collaboration between academia and industry in the realm of polymer engineering. The symposium, held at the Chemical Engineering Seminar Hall at UET Lahore, garnered participation from esteemed delegates representing leading industries and academic institutions.

Chaired by Prof. Dr. Asif Ali Qaiser, the symposium commenced with an inaugural ceremony graced by Mr. Kashif Anwar, President of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industries (LCCI), as the chief guest. In his address, Mr. Anwar emphasized the critical importance of forging strong linkages between industry and academia. He commended the efforts of the faculty and department chairman for their proactive engagement with the industry.

A highlight of the ceremony was the Plenary Speech delivered by Prof. Dr. John Verbeek from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Titled ‘A Transdisciplinary Approach to Solving Some of New Zealand’s Plastic Waste Problem,’ Dr. Verbeek’s speech underscored the global significance of addressing plastic waste challenges through interdisciplinary collaboration.

The symposium featured five technical sessions, each delving into diverse aspects of polymer engineering:

1. Product Design and Injection Molding: Prospects and Challenges
2. A Sectorial Overview of Pipe and Profile Extrusion Industry
3. Design and Recycling Challenges in Flexible Packaging
4. Advanced Polymer Composites for Industrial Applications
5. New Materials and Processing Techniques for Elastomers

Delegates from prominent industry players such as SPEL, FlexPac Association, RON Extrusion, and Pak Petrochemical, among others, actively participated alongside academia representatives. The event also witnessed a vibrant poster competition, with 20 entries showcasing innovative research and ideas.

In the poster competition, COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) clinched the top position, earning a cash prize of Rs. 25,000, while ITPE Punjab University secured the second position, with a prize of Rs. 15,000. The symposium concluded with the distribution of shields and certificates to the organizers and volunteer students, acknowledging their significant contributions to the success of the event.

The 1st Pak Polymer Symposium stands as a testament to the commitment of UET Lahore’s Department of Polymer and Process Engineering towards promoting innovation, collaboration, and knowledge exchange in the field of polymer engineering. By bringing together industry stakeholders and academia, the symposium set a precedent for future endeavors aimed at addressing contemporary challenges and driving advancements in polymer science and technology.

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In a vibrant display of automotive culture, the Islamia University of Bahawalpur (IUB), in collaboration with the Faculty of Management Sciences and Zee Click, hosted its inaugural Auto Show at the Baghdad ul-Jadeed Campus. The event witnessed an impressive turnout, with over 200 vehicles ranging from cars, jeeps, to motorbikes, captivating the attention of more than 5000 attendees.

The closing ceremony, graced by the presence of Prof. Dr. Jawad Iqbal, the esteemed Dean of the Faculty of Management Sciences and Commerce, marked the culmination of the successful event. Dr. Iqbal commended the organizers for orchestrating a remarkable Auto Show, emphasizing its pivotal role in bolstering the auto industry of South Punjab and catering to the enthusiasm of young automotive aficionados.

Expressing his appreciation, Zee Click Chairman, Zain Chughtai, extended gratitude to Prof. Dr. Jawad Iqbal and the administrative team for their unwavering support in bringing the event to fruition. Chughtai advocated for the institutionalization of such socio-economic activities, proposing an annual recurrence of the Auto Show within the university’s calendar.

The significance of the event was underscored by Dr. Shahzad Ahmed, Director of Press Media and Public Relations, who hailed it as a commendable effort in engaging students in constructive and wholesome pursuits. He lauded the collaborative efforts of key figures including Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Naveed Akhtar, Dean Prof. Dr. Jawad Iqbal, and Zee Click Chairman Zain Chughtai in making the Auto Show a resounding success.

Highlighting the widespread impact of the event, it garnered substantial traction on social media platforms, further amplifying its reach and influence. The pivotal role played by Protocol Officer Asad Naeem in ensuring the event’s success was duly acknowledged, adding another layer of appreciation to the occasion.

The closing ceremony saw the distribution of accolades, as Prof. Dr. Jawad Iqbal presented shields to the vehicle owners and organizers, acknowledging their contribution to the Auto Show’s triumph. Among the distinguished guests present were Principal Officer State Care Dr. Muhammad Latif, Additional Director Students Affairs Dr. Adnan Bukhari, and several other esteemed members of the university faculty.

With its resounding success, the Auto Show not only provided a platform for automotive enthusiasts to showcase their prized possessions but also served as a testament to the university’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and engaging campus culture. As the curtains drew to a close on this year’s event, anticipation brews for the next installment, promising an even grander celebration of automotive excellence.

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Struggling to search for the benefits of studying Psychology? The human behavior and cognition of psychology stand as a guiding light, offering insights into the complexities of our minds. From understanding the intricacies of relationships to unraveling the mysteries of mental health, the study of psychology offers a multifaceted journey into the depths of human experience. In this article, we have listed multiple benefits of studying psychology. Let’s delve into the list of benefits of studying psychology and how it enriches both personal and professional aspects of life.

  1. Enhanced Communication and Interpersonal Skills

One of the most valuable skills cultivated through the study of psychology is the ability to understand and communicate effectively with others. By learning about topics such as social psychology, nonverbal communication, and conflict resolution, students gain insights into the dynamics of human interaction. These insights can be applied in various settings, from personal relationships to professional environments, enabling individuals to build stronger connections and resolve conflicts more constructively.

  1. Empathy and Compassion

Empathy lies at the heart of psychology. By studying topics such as developmental psychology, abnormal psychology, and multicultural psychology, students gain a deeper appreciation for the diversity of human experiences. This fosters empathy and compassion, as individuals learn to understand and appreciate the perspectives of others, regardless of their background or circumstances. Empathy not only strengthens interpersonal relationships but also drives social change by fostering understanding and acceptance across diverse communities.

  1. Self-Discovery and Personal Growth

At its core, psychology is the study of the self. By delving into topics such as personality theory, emotion regulation, and self-awareness, students of psychology embark on a journey of self-discovery. Through introspection and analysis, they gain a deeper understanding of their motivations, behaviors, and thought processes. This self-awareness fosters personal growth, empowering individuals to make positive changes in their lives and relationships.

  1. Versatile Career Opportunities

The field of psychology offers a diverse array of career opportunities, spanning fields such as clinical psychology, counseling, research, education, and organizational psychology. Whether working directly with individuals to improve their mental health, conducting research to advance scientific knowledge, or applying psychological principles to enhance organizational performance, psychology graduates are equipped with skills that are highly sought after in today’s job market. Moreover, the demand for mental health professionals continues to grow, making psychology a rewarding and fulfilling career path.

  1. Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

Psychology is a science that requires rigorous inquiry and analysis. Students of psychology learn to evaluate research findings, analyze data, and draw evidence-based conclusions. This cultivates critical thinking skills that are invaluable in navigating the complexities of the modern world. Whether it’s comprehending the motives behind a political decision or understanding the root causes of societal issues, the analytical skills honed through the study of psychology empower individuals to approach problems with clarity and objectivity.

The benefits of studying psychology are multifaceted and far-reaching. From fostering self-discovery and personal growth to enhancing communication skills and critical thinking abilities, the study of psychology empowers individuals to navigate the complexities of the human experience with insight and compassion. Whether pursuing a career in mental health or applying psychological principles in other fields, the knowledge and skills gained through the study of psychology are invaluable assets that enrich both personal and professional lives.

Well, we hope this article helped you understand and learn the benefits of studying Psychology. After exploring the benefits of studying Psychology, would you like to pursue a career in this field? Share your thoughts and views with us in the comments section below!

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The Institute of Biochemistry and Biotechnology (IBBT) at the University of Veterinary & Animal Science (UVAS) Lahore organized a comprehensive seminar on “Next Generation Sequencing” at the Amphitheatre, Pasha Academic Block.

The event featured Dr. Muhammad Tariq, Principal Scientist at the National Institute of Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering (NIBGE) Faisalabad, as the esteemed guest speaker. Dr. Tariq delivered an enlightening lecture, providing valuable insights into genomics and genetics, particularly focusing on the revolutionary technique of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). His discourse captivated the audience, predominantly composed of enthusiastic UVAS students eager to delve into the intricacies of this cutting-edge technology.

Director of IBBT, Prof. Dr. Waseem Shehzad, extended his gratitude to Dr. Tariq for his informative session and proposed the idea of arranging similar lectures on a monthly basis to further enrich the academic experience of the students. The seminar concluded with a token of appreciation as Dr. Waseem Shehzad presented a shield to Dr. Muhammad Tariq in recognition of his valuable contribution.

The seminar attracted a diverse audience, including faculty members, undergraduate, and postgraduate students from various departments, reflecting the widespread interest and importance accorded to advancements in genomic research and technology.

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) stands at the forefront of scientific innovation, revolutionizing the diagnosis and prognosis of genetic diseases. Its potential to unravel the complexities of the genome offers promising prospects for advancing medical science and enhancing healthcare outcomes.

The seminar not only provided a platform for knowledge dissemination but also fostered a spirit of collaboration and exploration among the academic community, reaffirming UVAS’s commitment to promoting excellence in scientific research and education.

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