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Students Mental Well-Being More Important Than Ever Before

by Intsab Sahi

It would be a safe bet to say that students in the year 2020 have a lot more to stress about than just going to class. Due to the global pandemic, campuses were forced to shutter up for the better part of this year leaving students little time to adjust to the idea of digital classrooms. Never before have students been obligated to adapt to such sweeping changes to their learning methods.

One in three children in the UK is facing mental health issues that include depression, lack of focus and other negative feelings, according to the findings of a latest survey. The study found increasing number of school children than previously thought were struggling with their mental wellbeing in the UK and were facing problems like sleep deprivation, anxiety and lack of interest.

What Is Mental Health?

Commonly, the term ‘mental health’ is misinterpreted as most of us use it as the substitute world for mental illness. In a nutshell, mental health refers to psychological and emotional well-being that affects how an individual feels, performs and thinks. Mental health also refers to the mental potential of an individual that he or she needs to cope with the usual stresses of day to day life, without affecting their general behavior.