Are you a business student looking for some interesting shows or movies to watch? Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset? You might wonder if there are any good educational business shows that can help a student to become an entrepreneur in the future or learn about good business tactics. In this article, you will find a list of the best TV shows that can be very useful lessons as you will be picking up some great skills and new knowledge.

1. Shark Tank

It is one of the most popular shows right now about entrepreneurs. Shark Tank is about entrepreneurs who pitch their ideas to a panel of experts who then choose whether they want to invest or not. The panel expects these entrepreneurs to pitch in a strong idea, understand margins, production costs and about their audience to whom they want to sell their products. It is a must watch for every business student out there.

2. Inside Bill’s Brain

This Netflix original documentary focuses on the former Microsoft CEO, Bill Gates who is also one of the richest men on the planet. Every episode is almost an hour long and tells a different story of Bill’s life. Watching this show can help you in many ways as you will see the way, how Bill thinks and use that method for yourself. You can find various ideas and techniques which you can utilize later.

3. Planet of the Apps

Planet of the Apps is Apple’s first original television show. Each episode consists of different software makers who have about one minute to present their ideas to the hosts. This show offers some challenging content and shows what inventors are prepared to do to earn a spot among the elite. If the hosts on the panels like any of the ideas, then that lucky entrepreneur will get a few investors who would invest in their products and bring it to life.

4. Ballers

This show is amazing. The show presents many downfalls entrepreneurs have while running a business, be it any business. The main message of the show is that no matter what business you are in, perseverance and overcoming adversity will show what you are made of so never give up.

5. Empire

Empire is one of the best-known business TV shows. This show is about how competitions for companies control and greed can influence the lives of entrepreneurs. This TV show offers plenty of scenes, ideas and solutions concerning difficult choices and what comes after they are made. Quite an interesting show.

6. Start Up

This business show is a great teacher when it comes to working with diverse groups. It shows that as an entrepreneur, you can always choose your business network or employees but sometimes you don’t have that liberty. So, becoming flexible is the key to your long-lasting success. This show teaches you all about the principle of flexibility.

The number of Pakistani students selected for the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) scholarship to study in Europe has gone up almost three-fold in the last three years, from 46 in 2017, to 126 for the academic year 2020-21, including 64 men and 62 women.

With 126 scholarships out of a global total of 2,542, Pakistan now ranks third in the world, having moved up one slot from its fourth position in 2019. A major reason is the awareness campaign launched jointly by the HEC and the EU mission in Pakistan. The total number of applications (2,919) from Pakistan is the highest in the world.
The selected students will pursue their studies in 18 leading European countries. The Erasmus Mundus program aims to promote academic and cultural understanding between the European countries and partner countries. It supports the development of human resources, facilitates international mobility and cooperation, and helps build the capacity of higher education institutions across the world.
EMJMD programs encompasses a range of subjects of interest to Pakistan, including the circular economy, microwave electronics and optics, international humanitarian action, vaccinology, children’s literature, media and culture, and groundwater and global change, to name a few.
Notwithstanding the prevalent uncertainty due to COVID-19 pandemic, HEC is actively engaged in discussions with the EU Delegation to facilitate the start of academic activities by the scholarship awardees, including their travel arrangements. Collaboration is also continuing on other programs in higher education and research, in order to bring the quality and standards of education at par with the global standards.
The Erasmus scholarships are an addition to the scholarships provided directly by the HEC to Pakistani students for study in the leading universities of the world. HEC has cooperative agreements with universities and countries not only on scholarships but also on joint research programs, faculty exchange programs, transnational education programs, excellence frameworks, and leadership development programs.
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Education is a tool that can determine the course of one’s life. We can touch the apex of success in every arena of our life with the help of education. It can polish the potential of young students and enable them to serve in various fields. Schools are the institutions that key to better prepare students for the challenges that lie ahead in real life . The subjects are young children who are quite energetic and zealous to do something innovative with their abilities.

Almost 24.3 percent of people in Pakistan live below the international poverty line of $1.90 a day, and the situation doesn’t appear to be getting better with each passing day. Although there are a number reasons that are said to be the basis of abject poverty, a lack of education of generations after generations is one of the key reasons. Now, the question is, how we, as students, can help to reduce poverty?

8 Profitable Side Hustles in Pakistan for Students

If you do what average people do, you’ll get what average people get. Regardless of which field you fall into, having a side hustle is vital for your personal and career development. A ‘side hustle’ refers to any job you’re employed at outside of your full-time job that has an avenue to make some extra money for you. Side hustles help you to build up your skills and diversify your income. So if you are a student looking for extra cash in your pocket, here are the eight fruitful areas you can check out without affecting your studies.

Teaching Online

If you have skills in a certain field and think that you have expertise in teaching those skills, then the easiest way to earning some extra cash is by teaching online. There are multiple websites like Udemy and Teachable where you can teach and earn money by only dedicating a few hours each day.


Students that are good at something or are skilled in performing various tasks must check out Fiverr. It is one of the easiest places to offer small services like graphic designing, writing and translation, video making and coding etc. It is the best place for micro-level freelancers, as it’s one of the largest marketplaces with a vast range of services you can offer. All you have to do is be responsive and satisfy clients with your services.

Affiliate Marketing

The trend of affiliate marketing is fast taking roots in Pakistan and happens to be one of the easiest modes of marketing for both the companies pushing their products and marketers engaged in the promotion. All an affiliate really does is promote a company’s product in his or her circle of influence and earn a commission from increased sales. Simple. So look out for affiliate marketing opportunities and get your commission going.

YouTube Channel Hosting

If you are creative and have a knack of gauging what people like, you can delve into the world of YouTube and begin making interesting vlogs, videos or tutorials. Not only do you stand a chance to earn some extra cash, you could well turn this side hustle into a full time career if you can capture the imagination and interest of viewers like thousands of other YouTube stars and celebrities. YouTube pays out a generous compensation for your work with their revenue sharing programme.

Travelling Club

If you are interested in travel and know how to survive the outdoors, you have another opportunity waiting to be exploited. You can keep yourself updated about the costs, rates of services, discounts and facilities regarding travelling to key tourist destinations across the country and then plan organized tours for others who lack your insights. You may be surprised that despite a lot of existing travel and adventure companies and clubs, the demand for quality services in the field is on the rise. All you have to really do is plan comfortable itineraries and point travelers towards the best facilities to ensure five star reviews and repeat interaction from satisfied customers.

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Of course. If you have free time during the morning, evening, night or even on weekends; and a car to spare, you can well become a part time driver. Taxi and bike hailing apps like Uber, Careem and Bikea are doing wonders for commuters as well as the drivers and are getting ever more popular. To be fair, there are examples where people actually quit their full-time jobs to earn through these services. Even if you do not have a car but know how to drive, you can work in shifts for a car owner against a salary. Point of information: the demand for both drivers and cars vehicles for such services is going through the roof by the day.


Websites like JustAnswer pay you to answer professional queries. If you’ve got a high-level skill such as in the law, medicine, or IT, you can get paid to assist others in certain topics or areas of contention they might have faced.

Social Media Manager

There is a large number of small businesses who need a social media manager because they do not have the time or the expertise to be constantly posting on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat or Twitter. Take it upon yourself to contact local businesses and offer up your services for a contracted monthly fee. This is one of the most effective ways of making some extra cash no matter which field of study you are engaged in.

I hope you liked the Profitable Side Hustles in Pakistan for Students posts; It will help you make a better decision.

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