In Karachi, a powerful message resounded as thousands of students gathered for the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Karachi’s children march on Wednesday. The rallying cry, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” echoed through the air as students expressed solidarity with Palestinian children, who have suffered significantly in the recent wave of Israeli bombardments in Gaza.

The march, organized by JI Karachi, saw passionate participants denouncing Israeli war crimes in Gaza. Children carried banners, placards, and artworks depicting the harsh realities of Israeli brutalities. Several schools also contributed generous donations for the people of Gaza during the event.

Medical response camps, water vans, and ambulances were strategically placed at the venue to address any emergencies. The event featured speeches, poetry recitations, and even a Karate show by the students.

Engr Hafiz Naeem Ur Rehman, speaking at the event, shed light on the Muslim Ummah’s spirit and criticized the perceived cowardice and selfishness of Muslim rulers and generals. He lamented the support of Western governments for Israel, despite its crimes against humanity in Gaza and other Palestinian territories. Rehman labeled Israel as an illegitimate and terrorist state, accusing it of enjoying unwavering support from the United States to further its political agenda in the Middle East.

Criticizing the history of the United States, he recalled instances of killing and genocide, citing the false propaganda used to justify invasions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Rehman also condemned the Israeli army’s actions against Qibla e Awal and Muslims in Aqsa, attributing it to a larger plan for a greater Israel, which includes the fall of Madina.

Highlighting the significance of the Palestinian cause in their faith and belief, Rehman encouraged students to focus on their studies and play a role in resisting Israel and challenging the leadership’s perceived spinelessness. He emphasized the power of youth with hearts filled with faith countering Israel in Gaza, stating that while regular armies remain motionless, the determined youth stand against oppression.

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