10 things to consider before applying for admission at LUMS


LUMS is an institute that attracts students from all over the country and abroad. Quality education, high employability, world-class faculty, and extraordinary facilities have made it the most wanted institute by students. Despite the expensive education, admission to LUMS is not easy. In fact, it has one of the toughest admission criteria in Pakistan with a lot of requirements and a high academic record. However, if you follow proper guidelines and are successful in fulfilling the criteria, you can easily secure admission. Here are a few things that are the most important to consider before applying for admission at LUMS. 

Admission takes place like at an international university

If you have applied to an international university, you will understand what is the process. Explaining it briefly, you have to submit the application electronically by making a student account for it. The documents and all other requirements have to be fulfilled and submitted through it. So, go to the website and check the section on how to apply to start your process.

Admissions take place once a year only during the fall semester 

Admissions at LUMS do not take place twice as most people expect. It only admits students to the fall semester every year. If you are planning to apply, keep your preparation complete before the applications open in the fall.

You cannot apply if your grades are lesser than the requirement 

Unlike many private universities in Pakistan, you have to meet certain academic criteria to be able to apply at LUMS. Generally, it requires seventy percent marks in matric and the same in intermediate exams. Moreover, if you are an O levels student, you have to acquire an average grade point of B in at least 8 subjects. 

SAT is compulsory to apply for admission 

You have to appear in SAT exam and achieve a good score in order to secure your admission at LUMS. To have the maximum chance of admission, a score of around 1400 out of 1600 is good enough. However, you might get admission at around 1300 score if you have an exceptional academic record, in rare cases. If you are applying at the Law school, you have to give LAT along with SAT.  

You need teacher evaluations or reference letters

Just like international admissions, you need to get authentic reference letters from your teachers as a necessary document to apply at LUMS. These recommendations have a huge influence on the admission decision. 

The personal statement is the most powerful document  

The personal statement is the most important document to apply for admission. It can change the decision in your favor if it is exceptionally good despite average academic and SAT scores and against you if it is not that good despite the extraordinary academic score. Check out this link to know about how can you prepare your personal statement.   

There is an application processing fee 

It is important to know that the admission application has a processing fee. This fee is nonrefundable and will not be returned even in the case you are not awarded a position.

Merit Scholarship based on SAT and academic excellence are available

LUMS also offers financial assistance to its students. One of the scholarships is awarded on the basis of SAT and academic scores. It offers 100 merit scholarships both partial and full-funded. Students are automatically selected for these merit awards without having to fill out a separate application form. Get more information about this scholarship here.      

Need-based scholarships

Through the National Outreach Program (NOP), LUMS also offers need-based scholarships to students. This program also has academic criteria and is not entirely based on financial status. Well, it is highly facilitative. You can check out further details of this scholarship here 

Additional tips 

If you want to make your application stronger and enhance your chances of acceptance, you have to make your profile stronger. It can be done through your past experience of working somewhere. It can be anything like writing, doing an internship, or volunteering somewhere. Welfare work can also be a strong point in your profile and you get a lot of opportunities to do it. Some other things that can strengthen your case are co-curricular activities, some awards, participation at tournaments, etc. Moreover, you can get some online courses. There are plenty of them offered both at the national and international levels.

If you are serious about making a position at LUMS, you must start well before the deadline. Start your homework from today. Add to your credentials, get some experience, and enhance your skills in writing. Good luck!

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