Cambridge International Education (CIE) has announced a fee waiver for students who want to retake their canceled A-Level exams. However, students will still have to pay a fee to the British Council, which is the exam administrator in Pakistan. The exact amount of the fee has not yet been announced.

The exams were canceled in May due to a nationwide power outage. This affected about 45,000 students who were sitting the exams.

Students who want to retake the exams can do so in November 2023 or June 2024. They are not required to retake the exams, and their June 2023 results will still be valid.

The free retake option is only available to students who were unable to complete all of their exams due to the cancellation. Students who are unhappy with one or more of their results cannot retake just those components. They must retake all of the components associated with their entry option.

The decision to offer a free retake was made after a meeting between Education Secretary Waseem Ajmal Chaudhry, CIE, and British Council officials. The meeting was held in response to concerns from students and parents about the fairness of the exams.

The fee structure for the retakes is still being finalized, but it is expected to be announced soon. Students who want to retake their exams should contact their school or exam center for more information.

Keep point:

  • The fee waiver is only available to students who were entered for the exams in June 2023.
  • Students who are not eligible for the fee waiver will have to pay the full exam fee, which is currently Rs. 22,390 for science subjects and Rs. 20,340 for non-science subjects.
  • Students who retake the exams in November 2023 will receive their results in January 2024.
  • Students who retake the exams in June 2024 will receive their results in August 2024.

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