Lahore University of Management and Sciences, also famously known as LUMS, is a renowned university. Numerous students dream of attending this well-known university because of its education and campus life. But the question here arises it worth going to LUMS? Is this institute over-hyped and over-rated by many? Is it worth investing your parent’s hard-earned money into this institute? 

We have the answer to all these questions in this article; we will present you with six significant reasons why you shouldn’t go to LUMS. Yes, you read that right because many students want to study in this prestigious university and work hard day and night to achieve their dream, but unfortunately, many kids fail to do so. Don’t worry because there are plenty of other good options. 

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Extremely overpriced 

It is discrimination between the upper class/ elites and the lower middle class. It is the concept of “have or have not.” If you are rich enough to pay the fee, you are good to go, but if you belong to a middle class or lower middle class, it is nearly impossible to pay their students’ unimaginable fees. LUMS is a place known only for the elites or people of the higher class.

Scholarship schemes are a mere scam.

While many people might not know this, it is true. The institute will only grant scholarships to 2 out of 10 people and not more than that. Even if 600 people have applied for financial aid, they won’t approve it

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Life at LUMS = Boring 

Yes, this comes as a shocking surprise, but it is true. While many students at LUMS boast about the super fun life at the institute, many students at LUMS find campus life boring and lonely. Many claims that everyone pretends to be someone they are not, and many students are in a constant state of existential crisis. 

Low quality of education

LUMS was once known for its top-notch quality of education, but now the times have changed.

It was a place of learning where the students who couldn’t get into international universities were welcomed with the same level of education. Going to the Institute of Business Administration Karachi rather than LUMS is better because you will receive a better education for half the fee and a better environment. There is no academic excellence and no caring for the students at LUMS. 

The terrible hierarchy system

There is a horrible hierarchy system in this institute that many students hate.

Dean’s honor list is at the top of this hierarchy system; the students included in this list are treated much differently than the other students. The university’s authority only recognizes them as students who are a part of the honor list. This honor list is corrupted by students whose only reason for being there is to get along with the teacher assistants or the professors; they celebrate birthdays with them, sit in their offices for hours, and talk about everything except their studies.

The hierarchy systems also continue with the campus’ musicians or athletes the others accept as the most popular ones. These people rule out the societies and make sure no one from the average crowd gets a chance to be in these societies or their groups. 

The rapid change in the culture

LUMS is not what it used to be in those initial years. Many students studying there feel how the culture is rapidly changing. The students feel that there are not many facilities compared to other universities. Many think that LUMS has turned into a small town where inexperienced people are running, and it has lost its actual culture

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