Motherhood: All Love Begins And Ends Here…

Motherhood: All Love Begins And Ends Here…

Khadijha Tariq


Motherhood is indeed one of the hardest things in this world, yet at the same time, one of the most rewarding experiences a human being can experience. It is an evolving journey that requires perseverance, kindness, love, affection an devotion. Motherhood is the most challenging, yet the most satisfying vocation in this world.

The only love that I really believe in is a mother’s love for her children

Karl Lagarfield

Mothers, indeed are the truest friends we children can ever have. They help us when trials and turbulences surround us and when we feel like falling apart. They are there when adversity hits, when friends leave, when problems tighten their clutches,  around us. At all these times, without fail, you will find her always by your side; standing right next to you in the face of the biggest of storms. Her sacrifices, kindness and counselling dissipate the clouds of darkness, bringing back the much-needed peace and tranquility back to our selves. No words can define the charisma and stature of motherhood and the eminence of these selfless beings in a world that is at best selfish.mother 429158 1920
Mother’s Day is celebrated worldwide as a token of expressing our love and reverence towards our mothers. It is not just a day but is a life-long promise that we children will love our mothers unconditionally for the rest of our lives, will look after them in old age and will try our level best to provide them with all the comforts they deserve.

Mother’s Day is not just one day, but each day marks the beauty of this bond and celebrates the achievements of this superwoman, who is an embodiment of love, affection and care. Mothers are special beings because they are different and role reversal is one of the most unique quality possessed by women once they become mothers. At times they can stand tall as your sole guardian and fatherly figure, while at other times, they  can act as your friend and partner in crime. There are times when she becomes a strict teacher who resorts to any stringent mean to tame your practices, while there are times when she turns into a savior and takes you out from the dungeons of hopelessness, failure and despair. Without doubt, sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater what nature has us believe.

Mothers are complicated, yet their love and affection towards their children are one of the most genuine emotions one can ever experience. A mother’s love for her child is endless. This love knows no law, no restrictions and it dares to crush down every obstacle that comes or stands in the path of this beautiful relation. If God’s love towards mankind is the pinnacle of affection, then a mother’s love for her children is the next best thing you can find. She needs nothing in return from her children. For her, the greatest reward of all her sacrifices is in the form of her child’s success, health and well-being .mothersday quotes albom

We children always need an example to follow. We need someone in life who can guide us with the intricacies and complexities surrounding us, helping us to lead a happy and prosperous life. We need support and assistance to manage our everyday life chores, such as waking up early for school, college or university or getting up on time for work. Whether we need help to solve the complicated math assessment at school or university or need to learn cooking or looking after ourselves in an apt manner, we look nowhere else and seek her resort.

Mothers often tend to ignore their own wellbeing, health and happiness in the pursuit of upbringing their children and looking after their family. She is not just a mother but also a devoted wife, a loving daughter and a responsible sister. Her responsibilities often forces her to give up her own dreams and aspirations.

635665949100062003 web.0510.mothers.loveOn this Mother’s Day, let us pledge to not only love our mothers unconditionally for their kindness, love and warmth, but also to help them out in fulfilling their wishes, the ones they sacrificed for the well-being of their family and children. Let us pledge to guide them in polishing their talents, fulfilling their life-long dreams and making their own individual mark in this world. Let us help our mothers to shine bright, as they deserve every bit of happiness there is to be have.

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