How to be active in an early morning class?

Early morning classes are the hardest. It is the biggest challenge, particularly for people who are not early birds. Well, nothing can happen through magic. You will have to work hard and invest your energies to make it your habit. Some people are lazy in their early morning classes because they do not get enough sleep. Now, nothing can work on them until they set their sleep patterns. Then there are some people who are unable to stay active in class despite having a good sleep. This article will tell you what additions you can make to your life and early morning routine that can keep you super active and focused in the early classes.

A one and a half-hour morning routine

Waking up at the last moment and running for the class will keep you lazy and unhappy the whole day. Moreover, you will stay unsatisfied with your day and not be able to work properly because you did not have a proper start to the day. So, giving yourself everything you need for a productive and active day is the most important thing. Here is a one-and-a-half-hour day routine that has been proven very helpful for people who want to make good use of the day by making their mornings healthy.

15 minutes to get fresh: When you wake up, rush to the bathroom no matter how sleepy you are. Believe me, in less than five minutes you will feel better and the sleep instinct will vanish. So, fight yourself for a few minutes and see the magic. Wake up at least 2 hours before getting to class, get fresh and drink some water.

20 minutes for exercise:Exercise is as important as getting a good breakfast in the morning. If you want all of the parts of your brain to wake up and start functioning in the best possible ways, do some exercise in the morning. That can be running, doing some steps at your terrace, or anything that is feasible to you. Prefer exposing yourself to the bright daylight and playing some music in the background. That can enhance your motivation and make your muscles and nerves active.

15 minutes to pray or meditate: Research has proved that people who meditate are better at decision-making skills. It is basically about the prefrontal cortex of the brain. This part is responsible for decision making and people who meditate have a large prefrontal part of the brain. Meditate in any form. Pray or do some other exercise.

20 minutes for breakfast: Not having breakfast is becoming a fashion nowadays. This is perhaps the most destructive trend of this time. Never leave your home without having a balanced and healthy breakfast. Add nutritionally rich food to your day and see the change in your life.

20 minutes to get ready: Take twenty to thirty minutes to get ready. This is also a fun part of the morning. It feels great to make yourself presentable and do some fun during this time. Play some music because it can really help in enhancing your willpower for the day.

Coffee or tea is a necessity, not a fashion: This is a small reminder. Having coffee or tea in the morning is not a fashion. It is very important to make your nerves active. Have some tea while you are headed towards your class or whenever you find it suitable.

Proper and quality sleep

Last but not the least, nothing mentioned above can be helpful if you did not have proper sleep at night. By quality sleep, I don’t mean just the required hours of sleep. It also does not have to be a disturbed sleep. Take measures for that like reducing your screen time, having a healthy diet, doing proper exercises, dealing with your stress, and you can also seek help to manage your sleeping patterns.

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