Issue 09 December 2019


Histro-tainment: Drawing Inspiration From The Past

Identity crisis is one of the most common of national dilemmas in the 21st century as youth of the world become more and more lost in the battle between Western and Eastern. Thankfully we have a rich history to get inspired from, writes Haleema Khalid as she places her bets on histro-tainment. In the aftermath

Take Bullying By The Horns

Bullying is one of the worst things that can happen to a child, for its effects run far deeper than a nasty scar from a playground squabble. While the world worries about how to put an end to bullying, it is hardly considered an issue in Pakistan. Mahrukh Nadeem writes why we need to wake

Projection of Psyche or Perception?

In this age of social outward-ness courtesy of social media, it’s not hard for impressionable minds to get stressed about what it takes to be ‘accepted’. But do you even need the acceptance from nobodies? Sofia Syed explains how you really don’t. n this age of science and technology, where progression is the forefront of

Dr Talat Naseer Pasha: All Geared Up To Transform University of Education

Professor Dr Talat Naseer Pasha (SI) recently joined the University of Education as its vice chancellor after a highly successful 8-year stint at University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) as its VC. He is well known as an academic and educationist of international stature in educational circles of Pakistan and known to promote quality

Madrassa Reforms: The Debate And The Way Forward

Education itself has never been a priority, be it religious or otherwise. Many promises of mainstreaming Madrassas, modernizing them with state of the art facilities and modern education have remained unfulfilled over the years, writes Tabish Qayyum. video went viral recently showing few young bearded boys of a madrassa taking turns on a swing at

Getting Real With Augmented Reality

ugmented Reality is among the few new technologies that are changing the way we teach and learn. With the concept of MR (mixed reality) – one that combines virtual and augmented reality – becoming more and more mainstream, the market valuation of AR was estimated to be around $90 million in 2018. But AR is in