Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi Talk Show Committee organized the launching ceremony of Azad Iqbal’s poetry collection “Danaye Raaz” at Hasina Moin Hall which was presided over by Prof. Sehar Ansari. Mubeen Mirza, Shahid Rasam, and Karan Singh also expressed their views.
Shakeel Khan performed the duties of the moderator. On this occasion, Prof. Sehar Ansari said in his presidential address that today is a very happy day. Not only in Pakistan but also abroad it is very important, “Danaye Raaz” is a very good book, the way Azad Iqbal wrote poetry in it is visible, I congratulate him, Mobin Mirza said that you are our He is one of the most important and respected poets. It is an honor for us to be here.

Azad Iqbal has a passion for construction in his poetry. He inherited it from Allama Iqbal, the grandfather of the young man. And it is a welcome thing for him to enter the chapter of poetry through music, said Karan Singh. And it is important for a poet not to disappoint his readers in his society but to give them the promise of a good time and a bright future.

Azad Iqbal Said in his speech that there is no doubt that the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi is an admirable institution for keeping the scientific and literary atmosphere fragrant. “Today is going to be a very important and memorable day for me,” he said. And Persian poetry but also scholars have been enlightened with a unique thought.

He dreamed of this holy land and for the rest of the world, along with the thinker of Pakistan, he also addressed the poet of the East, be it his own philosophy or the battle of truth. Sahib has enlightened the human mind like a star in every work, he said while referring to the book. Only time can make a better decision as to how far this light spreads and which darkness it dispels. Apart from poetry, I am very much interested in art and music, especially many of Allama Iqbal’s poems. He also said that due to the efforts of Dr. Shakeel Farooqi, it is impossible for my Diwan to reach you and I am grateful to him.

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