BS Pak Study’s first batch graduated from SU

BS Pak Study’s first batch graduated from SU

BS Pak Study's first batch graduated from SU

The University of Sindh Jamshoro has passed out the first batch of BS in Pak Study in Pakistan Study Center .

According to the details, the first ever batch of BS (Pak Study) has passed out productively from the Pakistan Study Center of the University of Sindh, after which SU became the first University in the country to produce 140 students under 4-year bachelor’s degree program.

At present, no other university in the country, except the University of Sindh, is offering a 4-year bachelor’s degree in Pakistan Studies.

University of Karachi (KU), University of Peshawar (UoP) and other Universities of Pakistan are just offering 2-year master’s degree programs but the Sindh University being the oldest varsity took the initiative to start a BS program in Pak Study in 2018. The students succeeded to complete their 4-year degrees in due course of time under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Shuja Ahmed Mahesar.

However, the passing out hosteller students of BS program organized a dinner in the beautiful lawn of the Pakistan Study Center, which was attended by the director of the center Prof. Dr. Shuja Ahmed Mahesar, Muhammad Mashooque Khawaja, Ayaz Channa, Nadir Ali Mugheri and others.

Afterwards, a musical program was started. Singer Nazakat Sadiq, son of famous singer Sadiq Faqir, sang various love songs and made the students sway. The students also listened to the songs on their request. The captivating dance of the students to the beautiful songs enchanted the audience.

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