If you don’t know who he is, don’t worry. 2.7 million followers on Facebook and the founder of Bayyinah institute. Noman Ali Khan is a renowned Pakistani American preacher and a lead instructor at his Islamic institute Bayyinah. Back in 2017, Noman Ali Khan was accused of having inappropriate relations with his female followers. After these allegations came to light, M. Mozaffar who was Noman’s friend for 20 years also shed light on this matter by posting on social media how Noman Khan had several inappropriate interactions with multiple women, and how he told lies to cover up those relationships.

Questionable pictures of Noman Ali Khan also surfaced the social media, and many women came forward claiming how Noman Ali Khan used to send explicit messages and pictures of himself. Given that Noman has a huge following, many of his fans believed that these are baseless rumors and that all of this is foul. There were many women that came forward with the allegations and some questionable screenshots also surfaced the social media. There were also many reports of secret marriages, threats to the victims as well as hush money. Some of Noman Khan’s long-time friends also claim that he lies and manipulates women as he courts them for undercover unions. He is the exact opposite of what he teaches to his followers.

After all these allegations, Noman Khan posted a long post on his social media trying to dispel the rumors as falsehoods and how M. Mozaffar was just an acquaintance and not a close friend. However, Noman Khan himself stated in his Facebook post that those interactions with the female followers were only carried out after mutual consent but there was no questionable intent behind them. This caused an uproar on social media as he did own up to those inappropriate interactions but did not say anything regarding the leaked explicit pictures and screenshots. After this whole incident, according to many reports, Noman Khan is not welcomed by Pakistani Americans as his private life is not even close to what he teaches to his followers or how he asks them to follow Islamic guidelines. In fact, it is the total opposite.

Now recently, he is on a tour in Pakistan. To our surprise, there are several universities that invited him to give lectures to the students. These are the top universities of Pakistan that invited a fraud in the guise of an Islamic scholar. The universities include NUST, GIKI, RMU, IBA, LUMS, Islamia University, and Nishtar University. This is alarming as this scholar is a fraud and has so many allegations against him. The whole situation is alarming as a big concern arises that how these top universities of Pakistan would invite a disgraced preacher to give lectures to students. What will he teach? What lectures is he going to convey to the young generation? What is he going to imply? These universities are big names in Pakistan’s educational sector, yet no information or background check was conducted before inviting a sham scholar to their universities. Our young generation tends to follow everyone be it an influencer or an Islamic scholar but to invite a sham disgraced scholar that too after all these horrifying allegations are quite disturbing.

These top universities of Pakistan play an important role in our society by shaping the minds of the students but this whole situation shows how irresponsible these educational institutions can be when no background check was conducted, and Noman Ali was invited over to conduct lectures and ‘inspire’ students.

Is this the height of irresponsibility or just pure negligence by these universities?

Just because people follow him blindly and he has a huge fan following doesn’t mean he is right. While all these years, many people have constantly asked to forgive him and move past him because people do make mistakes. Well, yes people do make mistakes but the only question here is why the same logic is not applied when it involves people other than men in positions of power and influence. Well, this isn’t even about us forgiving someone for making human mistakes, but this is about all the hypocrisy as well as double standards involved, especially when it comes to treating men and women. Noman Ali Khan is alleged to have harassed several women. It is the exact opposite of what he preaches.

Besides, there are many other credible scholars that also have a huge fan following and simply teach amazing things. Students should look up to them. Our young generation should surely follow these scholars, such as Ismail ibn Musa Menk, Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Issa, Omar Suleiman, Molana Tariq Jameel, and much more. They are surely some excellent examples for people to follow.

So, do we really want these top universities of Pakistan or any other organization to invite Noman Ali Khan, a disgraced preacher, over to give speeches to students and other people? Well, this is surely something to think about!

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