‘Immoral syllabus’ not acceptable at all costs: Rana Tanveer


Minister for Education and Professional Training (MoFEPT) Rana Tanveer Hussain said an immoral syllabus was not acceptable at all costs as it was against our social, cultural, and religious norms.

Responding to a calling attention notice in Senate, he said the ministry would serve a memo to the Cambridge University Press directing to remove the chapter in question otherwise; it would ban the book being studied in the O-Level syllabus from the course book ‘Sociology’ under the chapter ‘The Family’ with sub-heading ‘Same Sex Family’.

The minister assured that its report would be shared with this August house after taking all codal formalities. He said he, with the help of all stakeholders, designed a ‘national curriculum’ in a bid to remove deprivation among the students of public and private education institutions. He further said in many countries, the Federal Board was preferred compared to any other advanced country’s syllabus.

Raising the issue on the floor of the house, Senator Mohsin Aziz said through such obscene material, the minds of our young generation were being polluted. Being a Muslim, it was our moral as well as religious obligation not to provide such education to our children, he said, quoting the example of “Qaum-e-Loot and its destruction”.

He urged the government to monitor the syllabus being taught to the students, particularly in private education institutions for their proper upbringing and to make them civilized members of society.

Meanwhile, Faisal Saleem Rehman urged the government to ban the book on an immediate basis and cancel the license of the educational institutions where this unethical practice was underway.

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