Eating right can make you smart as it gives your brain that specific nutritional support, which helps you to perform better. Lot of studies have been done on this topic to identify what foods students can use to fuel their body as well as their brain. Everybody knows that an average student is often pressed for time and also sometimes has bad habits like skipping meals or frequently visiting fast food restaurants. During a latest study done on a group of students in America students were asked to give their opinion on their favorite study snacks. Answers were hilarious from gluten- free to low-carb options, and all the way down to syrupy snacks with energy drinks. So what are the best study snacks or foods students should include in their day to day diet? Despite what many of us believe it’s not that hard to get started with healthy. There are some great food groups and snacks that will definitely make you perform better not only in the classroom but in the athletic field as well.


Fruits are on top of our list considering the fact that they are complete healthy study snacks.Fruits are jam-packed with vitamins, which are crucial to increase mental agility. The healthy glucose you get from natural carbohydrate sources like fruits is best to get energy for both body and brain instead of using other higher-calorie junk foods. Almost all fruits are antioxidant. Use fruits as a snack to get more fiber and less sugar if you are not able to prepare balanced meal. Believe it or not eating fruits is the only way to make sure that your body is getting the right amount of nutrients it needs to achieve your educational goals. Here are some fruits that you can use to boost your energy instantly.

Apples | Strawberries | Banana | Watermelon | Grapes


Rich in proteins, dietary fiber and minerals make dry fruits come second on our list of healthy study snacks. Dry fruits provide students with host of health benefiting properties and promote digestion. Most dry fruits are rich on neuro protective compounds that enhance cognitive function& memory. Regular intake of dry


Whether you are a school, college, university or even a postgraduate student dairy products work as fuel for academic success and for this reason they are ranked third on our list of healthy snacks. Dairy products are essential to energize the control center of your body “the brain” that allows you to move, feel and think. The calcium in dairy products is not only significant for getting enough calcium but also helps you to build bone mass which leads to enriched bone health throughout the life cycle. Probiotics in dairy products enhance the good bacteria in our body which leads  to improved memory. Have a look on these dairy products that can help you to stay active in class.

Milk | Yogurt | Cheese | Cream | Butter


Fruits not only substitutes conventional snacking options but also improve your ability to perform specific memory oriented tasks in a better way. Here are some good dry fruits options you can eat instead of using sugary artificial foods to satisfy your appetite.

Almonds | Cashews | Pistachios | Dates | Walnuts



on is seafood. Without doubt seafood plays seasons gets the fourth position on our list. Regular intake of seafood encourages good blood flow to the brain that helps you to boost memory and better utilization of brain. So it’s strongly advised to use nutritious seafood instead of eating conventional fast food or bakery snacks. Many studies confirm the good impact of seafood on students as it plays a vital role to increase working remembrance, retain active body functions and reduce depression. Check out these seafood that will definitely help you to perform better during your academic career.

Fish oil | Fish Meat | Prawns | Edible seaweed | Lobster


Vegetables can provide those precise nutrients that are vital for health and maintenance of your body and brain. Instead of candied snacks filled with artificial colors and fats, there is a rainbow of colors to choose from if you start eating vegetables as a study snack. With uncountable health benefits vegetables are on fifth place on our list of study snacks that can enhance your aptitude and performance as a student. Many nutrients in vegetables such as dietary fiber, folic acid, vitamin  A, potassium and vitamin C permit you to perform better.If you are overweight than you must include vegetables in your day to day dietary habits. Eating vegetables as your study snack can lend a hand as vegetables are naturally low in fat but high on vitamins. Enter these delicious vegetables in your daily diet to get improved intellectual  abilities within no time