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    With all five provincial and federal budgets now passed by the respective assemblies, it has become evident where the overall cuts and raises in the education sector have come. But what hasn’t been discussed is where the priorities of each government lie and which segment is to receive the lion’s share of the development budget in the coming year. Ammar Sheikh digs deep to analyze just that.

    Author: Ammar Sheikh

    The State of Medical Education and Training in Pakistan

    While the world has moved ahead in leaps and bounds in terms of advancement in medical education, Pakistan has actually moved backwards and institutionalized mediocrity in every aspect of this noble profession, opines Dr Sohail Rao, a medical professional par excellence.

    Author:Dr Sohail Rao

    Scarcity of Funding Will Strangle Higher Education In Pakistan

    The present PTI government has minimized funding for higher education and research in Pakistan. This decision of the government will further deprive the country from quality higher education and research facilitation at the university level.

    Author: Prof Dr Asmat Ullah Khan


    GCU is one of the oldest higher education institutions in the country and one that is treasured by thousands of Ravians who have passed through its gates. Arsalan Haider talks to GCU VC Professor Hassan Amir Shah about the times he held the reins of one the most sought after public sector institutions in the country.

    Author: Arslan Haider

    Sindh Education Minister

    Sindh’s Educational Bureaucracy: Much Ado About Nothing?

    Like an onion with unending layers, the bureaucracy involved in managing public schools in Sindh appears to have no end to its expanse. And its performance leaves as many tears in the eye as an onion does once prompted. Arshad Yousafzai keeps remarkable count as he reports how redundant bureaucratic layers are laying education in Sindh to waste.

    Author: Arshad Yousaf Zai


    Pak-Turk Maarif Schools: Two Nations, One Future

    Turkey has always been generous towards Pakistan in every hour of need. That hold true for education as well, where Turkey and Turkish organizations have been providing quality services since 1995. Aisha Saeed talks to Salehuttin Batur, the country head for Maarif Foundation, about how he plans to take Pak-Turk Maarif Schools to the next level.

    Author: Aisha Saeed


    Career Counselling At Schools: A Bus Pakistan Missed Long Ago

    For Pakistani students, only two roads lead to success: one to a medical college and second to an engineering university. It is so because they have been shown just two roads sin For Pakistani students, only two roads lead to success: one to a medical college and second to an engineering university.

    Author: Khadijha Tariq

    Top Five Universities To Study Film And Television In Pakistan

    Buoyed by the resurgence of Pakistani film, television, and entertainment industry, and by the rise of social media, the intricate art of film and TV production has moved beyond the hands of “talented” individuals who delved into the field out of passion and landed in the lap of professionals who have diligently pursued film and TV studies at top universities around the world as a profession. We tell you which Pakistani universities are the best to get a degree in film and TV studies.

    Author: Khadijha Tariq

    Study Gadgets Every Student Must Keep At Hand

    Heavy books, lengthy notes, charging cables, cold tea? These have become problems of the past as students can now make use of technology and gadgets to make their study process way easier than it used to.

    Author: Hammad Anwar


    Students spends a good part of their young lives at a university, often falling in love with the institution that provides them plenty of found memories for life. This month, we talk to students of Forman  Christian College University and  discover what makes them love it.



    In higher education, tenure is a professor’s permanent job contract, granted after a probationary period of six years. A faculty member in such a probationary position is said to be in a “tenure-track appointment.” Tenure track system (TTS) was introduced in Pakistani universities in 2002 as part of administrative reforms.

    Author : Dr Shaukat Mahmood

    ICDF 7

    ICDF: Harnessing Innovation To Develop Human Capital (Part 2) 

    Money and assets have become far less powerful in the 21st century than innovative ideas. Look at Facebook, a simple social sharing platform that is now so powerful it can sway elections in most countries. Pakistan needs to nurture its youth to be on the lookout for such innovative ideas to truly survive in the emerging world. Khadijha Tariq continues her conversation with Saira Iqbal Khan, Chief Disruption Officer at Innovation Capital Development Forum, to find out how the forum is inculcating innovation.

    Author: Khadijha Tariq

    consumption of fruit and vegetables

    Summer Mocktails For The Students

    Exams are over and magical time of summer holidays has begun. Summer holidays are always loaded with possibilities to learn new skills as students are free from tedious study routine. Keeping yourself busy and active during the long summer break is a hard task for many students but one can easily confront it by making a bucket list of activities for summer holidays. 

    Author: Hammad Anwar