Issue of Pakistan’s depleting groundwater raised at UN Conference


Dr Khalid Mahmood, of Remote Sensing, GIS and Climatic Research Lab (RSGCRL), National Center of GIS and Space Applications, has participated in United Nations Conference held in Ghana, representing Pakistan and Inter-Islamic Network on Space Science and Technology (ISNET). During his talk, Dr Khalid Mahmood highlighted the issue of depleting groundwater in Pakistan and identified the diversion of the natural courses of water by India as the root cause of burgeoning groundwater depletion rates.

He stressed the importance of an international plan to cope with the water scarcity scenario, and pointed out that mismanagement of water resources by local government alone is not responsible for depleting groundwater resources; rather regional misconduct is second to international negligence. He said that without the formulation and implementation of an international strategic plan that was above regional politics, no one on the earth would be safe and the planet would eventually dry one day. Dr Khalid also suggested developing a second tier of science that compensates for the budgetary and technical incapability of the developing world.

He suggested that for the development of alternate and economic science, satellite-based geospatial indices have the potential to serve humanity in a myriad of ways. With such initiatives, he said, policymakers would be equipped with the requisite scientific knowledge for making correct decisions.

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