English Literary Festival At University of Sargodha Concludes Today


Three-day English Literary Festival highlighting the importance of literature and its impact on the lives of individuals concluded at University of Sargodha, today.

The fest featured the dialogue between a galaxy of literary figures from across the country including NUML Head of the Centre for Humanities and Social Sciences Dr Shahid Siddiqui, FCC Professor Dr Waseem Anwar, BZU Professor Dr Zia Ahmed and International Islamic University Professor Mr Farrukh Nadeem.

The last day discussion centered on poetry, prose, publishing, inclusive history and concluded with a productive workshop on creative writing skills by Dr Asifa Qasim.

The event was organized by the Department of English, Sargodha University with the aim to provide a platform to the students to showcase their talents and to highlight the importance and application of literature in the society.

The literary festival included intellectual discussion on various topics related to literature, mesmerizing drama performances, workshop on creative writing skills and story and poem writing competition. Students enthusiastically participated in all the activities and enjoyed the festivities of the event.

Vice Chancellor University of Sargodha Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad, also graced the occasion and emphasised upon merging literature with powerful discourses of the world, in order to compete in the competitive global market. Pakistan had passed through exceptional times but despite the challenging situations the nation stood firm in proving itself civilized society, he added.

Dr Shahid Siddiqui sharing his views on “Literature and Politics of Exclusion” focused on the role of language as a powerful tool in representing and structuring the world. He said that a number of stereotypes were constructed with the help of language and this politics of labelling and naming played a vital part in the process of exclusion.

The discursive patriarchal hegemony was established and maintained on a regular basis through different social institutions – such as the family, educational institutions and the media.  The patriarchal superiority established in a subtle manner through different means including songs, jokes, commercials, matrimonial ads, sayings, proverbs, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, TV plays, films and literature, he added.

Dr Waseem Anwar regarded literature as a bridge between the knowledge and society .He advised students to read the literature without being judgmental and emphasised on developing critical thinking which led to productive discourse analysis.

Mr Farrukh Nadeem talked about ‘’Fiction, Discourse and Cultural Spatiality ‘’.He constructed an intellectual and highly thought provoking discourse regarding ‘Space’ in Fiction.

University of Sargodha Chairman Department of English Ijaz Asghar, appreciated the efforts and talent of the students and encouraged them to participate in such learning activities. He said such activities helped students to explore their hidden talents, making them apt to analyse texts critically.



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