Markings Publishing launches its new title, For Faith, State, and the Soul: A History of Popular Culture in Pakistan, authored by acclaimed Pakistani historian Nadeem Farooq Paracha, popularly known as NFP. The book is now available in bookstores across Pakistan and online for audiences across the world.

For Faith, State and the Soul chronicles 75 years of the country’s cultural traditions, initiatives and victories. Divided into pre-partition and post-partition, it chronicles decades leading up to the 2020s, the book creatively illustrates the evolution of popular culture within Pakistan over the decades, while authoring the socio-political events which have navigated this culture over the years.

“Popular culture emerges from the people for the people. It is organic. Unfortunately, its history and evolution hasn’t been very well documented in Pakistan. My book attempts to explore this evolution as a way to celebrate it, and more so, understand what drives it” said Nadeem Farooq Paracha on the launch of the book.

CEO, Markings Kiran Aman said; “We are delighted to publish NFP’s work, reflective of his signature satire and his unique lens on the history of Pakistan. For Faith, State, and the Soul: A History of Popular Culture in Pakistan is a fascinating journey through Pakistan’s popular culture, relevant across generations.”

The book will be available to purchase nationwide at Liberty Books, Polly & Other Stories, Ensemble Home, Pith, Tali, La Villa and Serai Concept Store. The book will also be available to order worldwide at

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