O/A level students demand School Assessed Grades after exam cancellation

O/A level students demand School Assessed Grades after exam cancellation

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LAHORE: The students of O and A level once again took to Twitter to demand School Assessed Grads (SAG) after the Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mahmood announced the cancellation of O/A level exams.

The students run the campaign on Twitter seeking the attention of the Cambridge International Assessment Examination (CIAE) and Shafqat Mahmood. They trend #ShafqatSbGetUsSAGs, in which many students sought the attention of Shafqat Mahmood to convince CIAE for opting SAG.

It is pertinent to mention here that the O and A level exams cancelled two days after they started due to massive violation of COVID SOPs. The government announced to rescheduled these examinations in October/November while only A2 level exams were allowed to go ahead as per schedule.

The trend was started by rights activist Jibran Nasir’s tweet in which he shared emails and screenshots of school convincing CIAE for SAGs. Jibran in his tweet demanded Shafqat Mahmood not to waste more time on students.

The trend was later followed by students, who raised their voice for SAGs.

A student named, Sheikh Sheeraz wrote “Sir,I’m a student of O3 and I am being forced to give exams in Oct/Nov and no I’m not a student who runs away from exams. Below I have attached my mocks result and that speaks what I’m capable of.the extra burden is being enforced on me when there is a way.” He also shared screenshot of his Mock exams.

another student Shahzaib wrote ,” When 9/10 countries from zone 4 chose SAGs, then why not Pakistani students are getting their right. At the end we have to compete with other countries and our students will not be able to perform due to this pandemic trauma.”

Renowned lawyer Hasaan Niazi also shared his thoughts and said, “Shafqat mehmood sab you are not suppose to show ego to the students. Just let us know why was school assessed grading option ignored #ShafqatSbGiveUsSAGs – it’s a humble request to listen to our plea”

student name Hamza Bukhari wrote that Shafqat Mahmood laughed yesterday and said that students should prepare in four months. He wrote that if any of your generation have to attend A levels, no one would be able to pass it out. “sb dont waste our entire academic year. You laughed yesterday when you said key bachey 4 months mey kr lein. Sir A level koi bachoun ka khel nahi hay. sorry but agar aap ki generation mey se ksi ko ab A lvl krna parrey saarey fail honge.”

Aliza Riaz wrote, “we won’t stop fighting until we get what we want! we won’t let you sabotage the futures of 1000s of students!!”

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