Pakistani Teacher Wins Cambridge University’s Dedicated Teacher Award 2019

Pakistani Teacher Wins Cambridge University’s Dedicated Teacher Award 2019

Dedicated Teacher Award 2019

Pakistani teacher Ahmed Saya has been named the winner of Cambridge University’s Dedicated Teacher Award 2019.

Six teachers, including Ahmed Saya, were nominated by a panel of education experts for the final list of “Dedicated Teacher Award 2019” by world-renowned Cambridge University’s publishing business, the Cambridge University Press.

The winner of the award was selected through an online poll conducted by the Press, where students from all over the world voted for the ‘World’s Most Dedicated Teacher’.

“It was a tough decision for the judges but they have now decided on the six finalists for the Dedicated Teacher Award 2019,” Cambridge Education said in their official statement on their twitter handle.

Saya has now won a trip to Cambridge, UK, along with CPD opportunities for his school Cordoba School, where he teaches accounts to A-level students.

Other finalists for the award included Abhinandan Bhattacharya from Oshiwara, India, Anthony Chelliah from Sri Lanka, Candice Green from Australia, Jimrey Dapin from Philippines and Sharon Kong Foong from Malaysia. Other six finalists have won multiple prizes as well including promotion from Cambridge University Press for themselves and their school, the website stated.

According to the Cambridge University Press website, students from all across the globe were invited from October to December 2018 to send nominations for teachers whom they considered as the most dedicated ones in their relevant fields.

“Despite the amazing job that teachers do every day, there are surprisingly few opportunities to say thank you. From October-December 2018, we invited students, teachers or anyone with an inspiring teacher story to share it with us so we could say thank you together. This year, we’ll be showcasing amazing teachers and expressing our appreciation inside our new books,” says the landing page of the organization while describing the inspiration behind the award.


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