Pandemic is an opportunity for digital transformation: Dr Zakar

Pandemic is an opportunity for digital transformation: Dr Zakar

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LAHORE: The COVID-19 pandemic is an opportunity for the world to accelerate digital transformation as future belongs to modern information and communication technologies, said the University of Okara’s Vice Chancellor, Prof Dr Muhammad Zakria Zakar, in his special message at the eve of the World Telecommunication & Information Society Day.

He told that the adoption of ICTs was long overdue, especially in the developing nations, but the pandemic had accelerated the process.

“Now is the time to transform our lifestyle according to the needs of the globalized world that is closely connected through digital technologies. The nations, that will still lag behind, will cut off from the global sphere”, said the VC.

Dr Zakar further told that with the spread of the COVID-19 and its resultant lockdowns of the physical activities, it was impertinent to adopt the digital means of communication, information dissemination, education and business.

Discussing the role of ICTs in the education sector, he argued that in the post-corona world, the blended learning model would continue to be in practice as it had certain unavoidable advantages including the saving of time and cost of students, interlinking of students and teachers with the global academic community and easy access to plenty of knowledge databases.

This year’s World Telecommunication & Information Society Day is being celebrated with the theme “Accelerating Digital Transformation in Challenging Times”.

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