Private Schools Federation rejects Federal Budget  

Private Schools Federation rejects Federal Budget  


Private schools have rejected the Budget presented by Federal Government here on Friday. All Pakistan Private Schools Federation in a statement termed the budget as non-educational-friendly.

Kashif Mirza of APPSF said that we, APPSF, recommended to Federal and Provincial governments to allocated and spend a minimum of 5% of GDP and tax-free budget for education, keeping in view the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and high inflation rate.

Mirza Kashif Ali also stressed that without the promotion of quality education and healthy sports. We cannot achieve our better role in the developed nation of the world.

Kashif Mirza stressed that 25 percent of the budget should go to higher education and the rest 75 percent be spent on schools, colleges and technical education.

Government should announce tax amnesty and exemption for 5-year for investing in the education sector, so that new schools, colleges, universities, technical and vocational institutes can be established, Kashif Mirza added.

Kashif Mirza appraised that the education sector cannot sustain due to COVID, without a significant increase in funding, therefore, an announcement of a special relief package in the upcoming budget should be made.

APPSF also recommended allocating a special budget to vaccinate all the children and teachers on a priority basis, and also to provide free laptops, net facilities along devices to the students, to avoid any further educational loss in future.

Kashif Mirza also demanded that the government should announce a relief package and interest-free loans for teachers and low-cost private schools, that more than 10,000 schools across the country have been shut down and around 700,000 teachers have become unemployed.

Moreover, Pakistan has an estimated 22.9 million children aged 5–16 years who are out of school. A sizeable budget should be fixed for the establishment of nationwide literacy centres and the education of almost 23 million out-of-school children.

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