Punjab University Postgraduate Research Centre of Creative Arts (PRCCA) has organized a seminar on Art & Science in Research Paradigm for postgraduate research students with a vision to inculcate collaborative research culture between multi-disciplines in order to introduce students with new domains of research venues and to explore contemporary research ideas.

The seminar was organized by PRCCA Director Prof Dr Ahmad Bilal in collaboration Dr Khalid Mehmood, Co-Principal Investigator of newly build National Lab of Remote Climatic Research.

Zia Ul Haq, principal investigator of the lab, in his welcome note said that art and science have much more in common than one might think. He explained some of the common research approaches and methods that could be helpful in achieving research grants.

Prof. Dr. Ahmad Bilal describes the importance of collaboration in different fields as it would help evolve new knowledge that is the main aim of any research. He talked about various possibilities of connecting art with technology and science, as in modern times it’s the technology that provide a new space to art to explore a new form of expression, and in response art wants to expand that new space.

He said for the expansion of that space technology needs science to explore a few more theorems and formulas. He said indeed, art, technology and science attempt to describe and understand the world, and even the universe around us. He gave various examples from literature, art and movies where technology have shown hidden worlds. He said Star Wars is one of the key examples of art work setting the roadmap for technology to evolve.

Khalid Mehmood says that he wanted his research papers to be displayed on wall like a painting or to be viewed like a film on screen, but for that his research should transform into some art form. Indeed, he said, art is the form that could visually connect any research to the public, and in response science can provide the artist with some theories that can help them evolve their art. In the last part of the students asked questions and shared their research interests.

This seminar is part of PRCCA Director’s visionary steps towards the induction of applied research in art and design. This kind of activities are in support of the revolutionary steps of University of the Punjab to achieve research excellence, and all speakers thanked the Vice Chancellor for his support in building research culture at the University.

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