The world mental health day was celebrated by the students and faculty members of Punjab University (PU) Centre for Clinical Psychology (CCP) here on Monday.

On this occasion the stalls were displayed at 4 different sites in the University of Punjab to educate the public about different psychological issues and psychopathologies as well as for their available treatment options by the Centre for Clinical Psychology and at other venues.

The Clinical Psychology students provided detailed information about mental disorders, their assessment, treatment and prevention. Prof Dr Saima Dawood along with faculty members visited all these awareness stalls and appreciated the efforts of CCP students.

In another news, according to the PU media person, Punjab University has awarded two PhD degrees to the scholars in which Saira Azam D/o Muhammad Azam in the subject of Molecular Biology after approval of her thesis entitled ‘Combinational Approach to Develop Broad Spectrum Resistance in Cotton Against Insects’ and Aneela Yasmeen D/o Malik Khuda Bakhsh Khichi in the subject of molecular Biology after approval of her thesis entitled ‘Cas9-mediated Gene Knock Down of Vacuolar Invertase (VInv) Gene of Solanum Tuberosum to Reduce Tuber Sweetening During Long Term Storage’.

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