SAU established an experimental olive and pomegranate field

SAU established an experimental olive and pomegranate field

SAU olive and pomegranate field

Sindh Agriculture University (SAU) established an experimental olive and pomegranate field at University Farm, under “Elite Fruit Tree Plantation” funded by Small Grant Research Projects, while the Vice Chancellor and other experts inaugurated the experimental field by planting the saplings.

Under the supervision of the Horticulture Department of the Sindh Agriculture University, a research field of “Elite Fruit Tree Plantation” was established at SAU Latif experimental farm which was Inaugurated by Vice Chancellor Dr Fateh Marri and other experts by planting saplings and a ceremony was organized in Latif Farm.

Addressing on this occasion Vice Chancellor Dr Fateh Muhammad Marri emphasized that Experts should research for the production of fruits and vegetables against adverse weather, and the scope of research should be widened for the production of commodities according to the climate of Sindh.

Dr Mujahid Hussain Leghari, Chairman, Department of Horticulture said that the experiments of these varieties of olive and pomegranate are being carried out under Small Grant Research Projects under the support of “Establishment of the Model Fruit Nursery”, and the research will be enhanced.

Dr Noor-u-Nisa Memon, Principal Investigator of the Project said that these pomegranate and olive varieties are subtropical and their adaptability can be further explored through research at the flower and fruit level for our Tandojam and suburbs.

Earlier, Vice Chancellor Dr Fateh Marri, Dr Mujahid Hussain Leghari, Dr Muhammad Ismail Kumbhar, Dr Noor-u-Nisa Memon, Dr Imtiaz Nizamani, Dr Ibrahim Khaskheli, Dr Niaz Ahmed Wahucho, Engineer Mumtaz Jakhro, and others planted saplings.

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