MBA- Master of Business Administration is a master’s program that is designed to provide as well as equip students with advanced skills, and knowledge in business administration. MBA is one of the most professional yet competitive postgraduate degrees which is opted for by many students after they complete their graduation. There are various sorts of MBA degrees are offered here in the universities of Pakistan which are based on the qualification of students. Many students often wonder if there is any scope for MBA in Pakistan. Well, having a degree in an MBA opens the gateway to tons of opportunities. Students who possess a degree in MBA can get a job anywhere that too quite easily, they are even offered a high salary along with some great packages. There is a huge scope for an MBA in Pakistan as there are many business firms, industries, corporations, and multinational organizations that demand highly qualified, and expert business administrators to perform business operations in the most effective ways. The course of an MBA broadens the business views which also include leadership skills as well as management. The course of an MBA is quite vast, and the students can easily select an area of specialization that will help strengthen their desired expertise. Are you wondering if there is any scope for an MBA in Pakistan? Are you confused about whether to pursue an MBA in Pakistan? Well, don’t you worry. In this article, we have discussed everything about the scope of an MBA in Pakistan. So, keep on reading to find out more details about the scope of an MBA in Pakistan.

What is MBA?

MBA is a post-graduate degree offered widely across Pakistan. It is specifically designed for targeting business education. MBA is one of the most famous as well as demanded degrees in Pakistan with an annual 200,000 graduates. MBA is not only a popular degree in Pakistan but all around the world. It is widely known due to its scope, demand, and amazing job opportunities. Having a degree in MBA helps students to improve and learn more about communication with professionals, it also helps in understanding every little detail about administration, management, and business models.

What are the types of MBA in Pakistan?

Well, there are multiple types of MBA programs that are offered by several universities. Some of these may include:

⁃ 1 year MBA
⁃ 2.5 years MBA
⁃ 3.5 years MBA
⁃ Executive MBA (2-year MBA)

Major Subjects offered in the qualification for MBA

⁃ Operation management and business fundamentals
⁃ Accounting for managers
⁃ Value, cost, and innovation management
⁃ Applied statistics for business
⁃ Law and entrepreneurship
⁃ Strategic HR and leadership
⁃ Managing the future
⁃ Financial reporting and analysis
⁃ And much more

Different types of MBA in Pakistan

The demand for MBA graduates in Pakistan is on the rise and also high in demand. There are many universities in Pakistan that are now offering MBA courses. There are many types of MBA in Pakistan, which include:

MBA Marketing

MBA marketing is ideal for all those students who have creative thinking skills, persuasive powers, and a creative mind which thinks outside the box. This course helps to cover everything about consumer behaviors, marketing, advertising, branding, marketing research, strategies, and much more.

MBA Finance

MBA finance is ideal for those students who have a keen interest in accounting. MBA finance is for all those individuals who want to pursue their career in banking as well as finance. This course helps these students understand complex business operations related to finance, accounts, taxes, investments, etc.


MBA HRM is ideal for all those individuals who want to pursue the field of human resource management. This course helps students to sharpen their skills, and they also learn how to deal with management issues in a firm.

MBA Executive

MBA executive is a much higher level of degree. MBA executive is designed for corporate executives or senior managers who are a part of the workforce. It is ideal for those people who want to work further on their skills which helps them to improve their work efficiencies.

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What is the Scope of an MBA in Pakistan?

Well, the scope of an MBA in Pakistan is certainly very high. It is in demand. Anyone having a degree in MBA can land a great job that too with some of the most amazing salary packages. MBA surely leads students to tremendous job opportunities, with a bright yet rewarding career. So, the scope of an MBA in Pakistan is quite high.

Jobs of an MBA in Pakistan

Having a degree in MBA will have so much in store for you as it will open the gateway to tons of job opportunities. It will surely lead to the road to success. There are numerous job opportunities for students with an MBA degree. Some of these include:

⁃ Finance manager
⁃ Marketing Consultant
⁃ Bank accountant
⁃ Taxation experts
⁃ HR manager
⁃ Organizational head
⁃ Entrepreneur
⁃ Business development officer
⁃ Marketing associate
⁃ Marketing manager
⁃ And much more

Salary of an MBA in Pakistan

This is the most asked question by many students who want to pursue an MBA. Well, the salary depends on the skills, experience, and abilities of an individual. It also depends on where a person works. However, the starting salary of an MBA graduate may be approximately started from 100,000 which may further expand to millions based on your work experience as well as skills.

Which Universities are the Best for an MBA in Pakistan

Although several universities are now offering MBAs in Pakistan. But the best ones are:

⁃ Institute of Business Administration
⁃ University of Management and Technology
⁃ Lahore School of Economics
⁃ Lahore University of Management and Sciences
⁃ National University of Sciences and Technology
⁃ University of the Punjab
⁃ Bahria University

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