A security alert has been issued by the Punjab government for all the private and public schools in the A and A Plus category in Punjab.

There are almost 16000 schools in the A and A plus categories in the province that have been directed to take specific security measures. Out of these schools, the ones that have more than 1500 students been particularly asked to take strict security measures. All others have also been told to follow security standard operating procedures (SOPs).

There will be a check and balance over the implementation of these security measures. According to the reports, teams will be formulated to visit these schools and see if they have perfectly followed the instructions or not.

Moreover, the schools have been instructed to stay in contact with the security agencies and keep them informed about the security measures and any threats they receive.

Considering the history, the schools and other educational institutes of Pakistan are not safe from threats and terrorist activities. Such security measures are keeping everyone in confusion. However, prevention is better in any case. Schools should take them seriously and implement the said security measures in accordance.


Ayesha Areej is a staff writer at The Academia Magazine

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