Seminar on ‘India: the Fake Union and Enforced Empire’ at PU


LAHORE: Punjab University Centre for South Asian Studies (CSAS) organized a seminar on ‘India: the Fake Union and Enforced Empire’.

On this occasion, Chairman Pakistan National Reform Movement Brig (r) Nadir Mir was the guest speaker while Director CSAS Prof Dr Umbreen Javaid, faculty members and MPhil/PhD scholars were present.

In his lecture, Brig (r) Nadir Mir said that India was a union of various states. He said that Pakistan and India came into being with unfair partition. Since then, he said, India forcefully annexed the states of Kashmir and Junagadh. He said that due to Indian atrocities against Muslims and other religious groups the minorities feel insecure, segregated and persecuted. He said that it was keeping the artificial and enforced unity. He said that revocation of Article 370 and scrapping the special status of Kashmir reveals the same aspiration.

He said that the BJP-led Hindutva ideology was employed to tyrannize and oppress the people of Kashmir exposed the real face of Indian democracy and constitutional secularism. Rising discontent among Indian ethnic and religious minorities, extreme polarization and several booming separatist movements prove that India was destined to break apart soon, he further added.

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