A huge market for halal products is available in the world, particular in Muslim countries, the reasons why Pakistan’s halal products are not valued in the world market have to be removed.

Sindh Agriculture University has decided to introduce new degree courses in consultation with investors for preparation for export of milk, meat, leather and its by-products as per international standards.

An important meeting of the experts of the Animal Product Technologies Department was held at Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences, presided by Prof. Dr, Fateh Marri, Vice Chancellor, addressing to the meeting Vice Chancellor said that Halal products are in high demand worldwide and especially in Muslim countries, but Pakistan’s exports of milk, meat and its products face various difficulties, experts have to address the concerns regarding quality, nutrition and related issues related to the export of Pakistan’s halal products in the global market through their own research.

He said that Sindh Agriculture University would also consult with investors for introducing modern technology and new courses in the manufacture and research of halal products and in this regard, exporters and investors will be invited to the university so that quality products can be exported to the world market through livestock and dairy technology.

Prof. Dr. Syed Ghiyasuddin Shah Rashdi, Dean, Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences, said that the laboratories of the faculty need to be equipped with more modern equipment, through which the nutrition, quality and contains of dairy, agriculture, food and bakery products can be improved and product can be checked.

He said that the experts in the faculty have the potential to run projects in various dairy products, meat and other fields as per industry standards, which would not only develop the food industry but also create many business opportunities for the trained graduates.

Dr. Syed Attaullah Shah, Chairman, Animal Products Technologies, said that there is a need to set up Dairy and Meat Testing Laboratories for exporting meat worldwide, various dairy products through Animal Products Technologies, while our experts are developing small projects, which will further develop the sector.
PhD Scholars from various universities of china Dr. Munir Ahmed Jamali, Dr. Shabbir Ali Barham, Dr. Saleem Kalhoro, Dr. Gulbahar Khaskheli said that through processing technology, meat paste preparation, enhance the shelf life of meat, Tetra pack milk, yogurt, Lassi and other products can be export, while industrial businesses such as packaging of lassi in different flavors and other food items can be export to Muslim countries.

Prof. Dr. Bachal Bhutto said that there are many quality checkers, exporters and councils in Pakistan, considering the needs of international investors, the confidence of international investors can be restored by improving the quality of export based products.

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