Sindh introduces an e-transfer system for teachers


The Provincial Education Minister Saeed Ghani while inaugurating the Sindh Schools Information and Management System (SSIMS) on Tuesday said that the teachers would now be able to apply for under the e-transfer policy approved by the Sindh Cabinet, recently.

He said that e-transfer is as a revolutionary initiative under which the teachers would no longer have to visit offices for transfers and appointments. They would submit their applications on their mobile or computer through the e-portal.

Owing to the Covid-19 situation, this year the e-transfer system started to function on July 6 and from next year it would be active before the start of the academic year. Through this policy, teachers would be able to change the places of their duties for 15 days every year.

Ghani said that three zones have been created under this policy. One will be the red zone, the second is the green zone and the third zone is yellow. Only the teachers of the red zone would be able to transfer to the green zone due to the fact that the teachers in the red zone are more than the prescribed ratio of students.

Likewise, the number of teachers in the yellow zone met the prescribed teacher-student ratio. This is why they won’t be able to go to the red zone. However, they can go to the green zone only if the teachers from the red zone transfer to this zone. And the number here exceeds the prescribed ratio. While the number of teachers in the green zone is less than the prescribed ratio, the teachers in the red zone will be able to exchange themselves easily in this zone.

The minister explained that the transfer of teachers would take place before the start of the academic year every year and the time allotted for it would be 15 days after which it would not be possible to transfer teachers for the whole year. However, transfers from the red zone to the green zone would be continued through the tear.

This policy is being implemented after approval by the Sindh Cabinet. The shortage of teachers would be manageable without any favoritism. The purpose of this policy is to save the children from any disruption in their studies.

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