Strict action to be taken for not teaching Holy Quran in schools

During the hearing on the petition filed in the Lahore High Court regarding compulsory teaching of Holy Quran in schools, the Secretary Schools Education said that action has been ordered against those who do not teach Holy Quran in schools.

A case of action against schools and teachers for not teaching Holy Quran was heard in Lahore High Court. A two-member bench comprising Justice Shahid Waheed and Justice Faisal Zaman Khan heard the appeal of Altimash and others.

Secretary Schools Education Ghulam Farid and other officers appeared in the court with the implementation report. On the inquiry of Justice Shahid Waheed, Secretary Schools Ghulam Farid said that instructions have been given to the concerned officers for taking action against those who do not teach Holy Quran in schools while a newspaper advertisement has also been issued to implement the court order.

Elaborating further, he said that Advocate General Punjab wanted to appear in this case but he could not attend due to ill health. On April 24, the court summoned the lawyers of the parties for further arguments.

The petitioners have approached the Lahore High Court for not teaching Holy Quran in schools, on which the court had directed the Secretary Education to take action against the schools and teachers who did not teach Holy Quran in the last hearing.

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Arshad Yousafzai is a Karachi-based journalist covering Education and Human Rights. He can be reached on Twitter @Arshadyousafzay

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