Supporters of The Citizens Foundation (TCF) host a Send Off Ceremony for the TCF London Marathon Team who will be participating in the most prestigious annual event – London Marathon on 2nd October 2022. The runners are raising awareness on TCF Flood Relief Appeal that is addressing immediate needs of flood-affectees and enabling their rehabilitation in the future.

TCF is using its extensive network of schools in rural and urban areas to address the immediate needs of affected families residing nearby. TCF has already provided more than 2 million meals to communities whose lives continue to be disrupted as a result of unprecedented floods.

At the ceremony, Ahsan Saleem, Co-founder and Chairman TCF said: “We are very excited to have 10 passionate runners participating in the London Marathon, supporting TCF Flood relief efforts, and holding the Pakistan flag high in London. The London Marathon is an extraordinary occasion. It is amazing that we have three women running in the Marathon, and all are uniting for a positive social cause. We wish all our participants Godspeed and good luck.”

Mushtaq Chhapra, Co-founder and director TCF said, “I wish the team best of luck for the London Marathon. We are proud to have supporters like them who are always there to raise awareness on such important causes.”

Adnan Gandhi, one of the dedicated runners of the TCF London Marathon team added, “Finishing races inspires others to have a healthy lifestyle and amplify the message of change and community support.”

Since 27 years, TCF is committed to making quality education accessible for the less privileged children of Pakistan. Due to the magnitude of the flood damage, a large number of residents have lost their homes and sources of income, making it likely that the number of out-of-school children will increase. To prevent school dropouts, TCF will continue to work on multiple fronts to sustain its school communities in this difficult time.

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