Where are the schools taking us? A letter to the editor
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Where are the schools taking us? A letter to the editor

Where are the schools taking us, A letter to the editor

Where are the schools taking us? A letter to the editor

A friend of mine; who is a 4th grade class teacher at one of Lahore’s top private school, quoted: A student refused to pick up his stuff from the floor saying, I cannot pick it up.  Ayaa gi will pick it up.

Today, all the eligibility and acceptability criteria have been narrowed down to only one criteria i.e how fluently and confidently your child can communicate in English. This increased inclination towards speaking English has now led us to a social setting where a child who cannot communicate in English will not being warmly welcomed, appreciated and might not be considered good enough.

The children being nurtured in these big private schools are far away from seeing the broader aspect of the society and they might end up never knowing how to communicate with the kids/individuals coming from a different background or status than theirs.

I do understand that these are high expectations from a child who is only a child at the end of the day. On the other hand, I have also observed and understood the belief that it all starts from home but can we just take into consideration that this might have started happening unknowingly in your household as well?

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Primarily if we are to compare the ability, attitude towards elders, basic values and empathy between the children coming from top private schools and children coming from street smart schools; the results might shock us all.

Let’s not forget that the teachers play a less part in the problem as they are just employees whose hands are tied and are only allowed less or no space to teach freely. A child of 8 or 9 years of age would know exactly know or is being told how to treat the teachers, Ayaa gis, and his class mates. This new benchmark has primarily been introduced by the top private schools and has widely been accepted by the young parents.

We, as responsible individuals have failed to understand that if we will be discouraging the use of own language at this tender age, our children will become the individuals who will discouraging the very own way in which they were being raised.

Uswa Sadia 

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