The All Pakistan Universities BPS Teachers Association (APUBTA) has called a peaceful protest against the discriminatory policies of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) today in Islamabad.
 The mega protest is being observed as the HEC is continuously denying the granted provision of promotion only to the BPS teachers which is not only discriminatory but indeed a severe violation of legitimate fundamental rights. Countrywide universities Teachers shall attend this protest today for their dignity as various teachers are being retired on the same scale due to this violation and cruel behavior of the so-called highly esteemed organization HEC.
The Association has submitted a draft on the request of HEC last year but its approval is continuously ignored though more than twenty meetings are made of the association with the HEC officials. The delay tactics are no more tolerable for the BPS teachers as HEC granting the same facilities to the administration, TTS faculty, and HEC staff that have created severe seniority issues among the faculty.
HEC has indeed ruined the universities and has declined the quality of standard higher education as each day it imposes new criteria that contradict the previous policies and imposes the same on in-service employees without their consensus. This situation of deprivation is indeed annoying for 90% of the teaching community in public sector universities.
Media officials, reporters, social workers, officials of Human rights, lawyers, members of Islamabad Bar Council, and various parliamentarians and senators have been invited to attend the protest to support the dignified university teachers and cream of the society and to show their affiliation to save the universities and future of higher education.

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