The Ministry of School Education Punjab and Lifebuoy Shampoo have joined hands to promote girls’ education. The purpose of the agreement is to build a stronger nation with the participation of ambitious girls by helping them to fulfill their dreams of getting a quality education. 

The partnership between both parties is also aimed at providing inclusive educational opportunities to girls so that they can perform to the best of their potential. 

Lifebuoy, though sounds merely a brand, has always kept girls’ education as the mission of its campaigns. It is obvious from the advertisements that are directed at overcoming the challenges faced by girls in their schools to some extent. Now, this collaboration speaks more about its mission. The partnership is made to implement the very idea of the brand with the help of the Ministry of School Education. The goal is to make sure a better future for the girls of Punjab. 

The Minister for School Education Punjab, Murad Raas while talking about this collaboration said, ‘the government of Punjab is actively working to provide better education opportunities for the children of our country.’ He further added, ‘we are completely aware of the challenges our girls are faced with and are working unflaggingly to increase the attendance and retention rates of the students and to improve the infrastructure. We welcome this collaboration with Lifebuoy Shampoo and believe that it will help in our combined efforts to deal with the multipronged challenges faced by our young girls in the schools.’ He maintained that Punjab has made significant progress in generating opportunities in the area of girls’ education. He gave evidence of these efforts by saying that the Gender Parity Index for girls’ admissions in public schools is 1. Moreover, he said that they want to enhance their efforts to promote opportunities for inclusive education for the upcoming generations. 

Stakeholders from multiple areas are taken in the loop by the School Education Department, Punjab. For instance, Shehzad Roy who is a musician, a renowned singer, and an educationist is also part of this new campaign started by Lifebuoy. He said, ‘I am inspired to be partnering for a cause that has a huge potential to bring about actual change.’ ‘To build a Pakistan for our children,’ he asserted, ‘it is essential to educate and empower our girls with the opportunities to build a better future for them and our future generations.’ He further explained, ‘in my own experience with education over the years, I have witnessed firsthand, the difficulties and hardships faced by young girls in their quest for getting a good education. I know that this effort is fueled by a passion to make a real difference from all partners, and I have a belief that it will result in better opportunities for girls in Pakistan.’

This partnership between Lifebuoy Shampoo and the Department of School Education Punjab is meant to provide equal access to education to all the girls of the province. It will also serve as the base for further efforts to be made for girls’ education. 

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