Although there are several great institutions in the West offering some of the best educational programs in computer engineering, the truth is, that top computer science universities in Asia are not far behind in the subject of their western peers.

If Pakistani students look closer to home, several globally reputed institutions operate out of the Asian neighborhood. And just because you haven’t heard of them does not make them any less important to the world of computer engineering. So if you are planning to head out to the West to pursue education in the engineering of computers, do give sincere thought to the following Asian universities that are the top ten institutes for the discipline on the continent. You might actually get surprised by how good they are.

  1. National University Of Singapore

NUSThe National University of Singapore (NUS) is Singapore’s – and the world’s – leading university that topped the list of best universities in Asia for studying computer sciences. According to the latest Time Higher Education (THE) Asian University Ranking 2018, NUS was not only the best in Asia for attaining a computer engineering degree, it was also the 22nd best university in world overall thanks to its high quality of teaching, research, and international outlook. NUS’ quality education includes various programmes such as internships at NUS overseas colleges, student exchange programmes, double degrees and joint degree programmes with some of the best institutions on the planet.

  1. Tsinghua University

TSINGHUAChinese products have a bad reputation in Pakistan, but only because consumers receive the most inferior products imported by opportunistic importers. However, China is a giant in the world of education, with China’s top university, Tsinghua University, being the second-best university in Asia for studying computer engineering. Situated in the northwest of Beijing, the university is surrounded by an array of historical places and situated close to the imperial gardens of the Qing Dynasty. Also the 30th best university in the entire world, Tsinghua University has developed its prestige by offering comprehensive study courses covering both sciences and arts to cultivate global citizens and leaders of the future. Given its pursuit of knowledge, research, and innovation, Tsinghua is certain to move up the rankings ladder in the years ahead.

  1. Peking University

PekingBeing a member of the China’s C9 League of universities, Peking is one of the best universities the Asian giant has to offer. With a current enrolment of 35,000, the university is number three in Asia for computer engineering. The university owes its prominent stature to its outstanding faculty, as 53 among them are members of the respected Chinese Academy of Sciences and seven hold positions in the Academy of Engineering.

  1. The University of Hong Kong (HKU)

hONG KONG UNIThe University of Hong Kong (HKU), ranked 40th best university in the world, is one of the best universities in Asia. Driven by world-class research programmes, social impact, and academic excellence, HKU is the fourth best university for studying computer engineering. The university holds a significant international outlook as 111 of its professors are considered among the top 1% scientists in the whole world. Yes, that’s right. With 30,000 students, including 9,000 international students, the university is connected with 340 leading institutions in many countries and committed to preparing global leaders.

  1. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

HKUSTThe 44th best university on planet earth, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is ranked the 5th best university in Asia for computer sciences. The university also attains the same 5th position in Asia for its overall performance owing to its emphasis on advanced learning, research and cutting-edge education. The university is primarily focused on advancing knowledge and innovation in the fields of engineering, technology, business and management along with social sciences, and humanities. The untiring efforts of this young university is acknowledged both by Times Higher Education and QS, as it was also ranked 2nd among the best 50 universities under 50 years by the latter.

  1. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

nANYANG 1Ranked at the top among the best 50 under 50 universities by QS ranking in 2017, Nanyang Technological University is ranked 5th by THE for its computer science studies along with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. NTU is pursuing global prestige despite its young age through commitment to extensive and intensive research. With its prominent scientists, the university has won several international awards in the fields of engineering and technology. The university also maintains 52nd position in the world rankings owing to its research citations, international outlook, and industry outcome.

  1. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

CUHKThe Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is labelled the 7th best university for computer sciences in Asia by Times Higher Education rankings for 2018. With an exclusive focus on the global vision to bring together China and the West, CUHK is a research-intensive university, that offers comprehensive programmes in the areas of engineering, science, social science, arts, business, management, law, administration and education. What differentiates CUHK from other universities in the region is the exclusive advantage in the study of Chinese culture and language. The university has climbed up the Asian ranking on the back of its stat-of-the-art laboratories, prominent research projects, and research collaborations with various other world-known universities.

  1. University of Tokyo, Japan

Univ of tokyoBeing the top university in Japan and 46th in global rankings, University of Tokyo is the 8th best computer science university in Asia. Being an old university, it has subsumed various smaller institutions across the years and has turned into a large research-intensive university. The university is globally known as it has produced 8 Nobel prize winners, and 15 Japanese prime ministers since its origin. The university is globally connected with a number of prestigious institutions through exchange programmes and research collaborations. The University of Tokyo is a comprehensive research university with a number of departments ranging from science to social science and business management in five campuses spread across Kashiwa, Komaba, Shirokane, Hongō and Nakano.

  1. Seoul National University (SNU)

SEOUL NationalSeoul National University (SNU) is the topmost university in South Korea and 74th best university across the globe. The university is ranked as the 9th best institution in Asia for the study of computer science. With its emphasis on liberal education and democracy, SNU aspires to produce a diligent intellectual community, which can compete in the global environment. The university owes its fame to research endeavours, global exchange programmes, and collaboration with famous institutions in the region. The university holds the position of 9th best in Asia due to its excellent performance in a range of fields, especially engineering and technology.

  1. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

KAISTKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) owes its 95th position in the Global rankings and 10th in Asia to its innovation, entrepreneurship, and academic excellence. Over the last decade, KAIST has developed a worthy portfolio in a range of fields, such as engineering, mathematics, physics, business and management, humanities, and social sciences. KAIST includes two major campuses, National NanoFab centre, four libraries and a medical centre.

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