BIEK practical exams to be held from July 15


The Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK) on Tuesday issued a schedule for the science practical exams to be held from July 15 to August 13.

The practical examination should be conducted by the principal concerned in their respective colleges in the given time period. The change of exam centers for the practical exam will be strictly prohibited unless the board officials allow the administration of any college or institution to change the center.

The exam should be internally managed as per last year’s policy while internal examiners will furnish the results of the practical examination and submit the answer script along with the award list and attendance sheet direct to the board office within 2 days after the termination of their practical examination.

In addition, the internal examiners would also be responsible to submit the schedule in the shape of two sets of the practical exams duly signed by them before July 15 in the practical section of BIEK. “The attendance and award lists should be prepared separately as well as faculty-wise also script of the practical scripts should be wrapped faculty-wise such as pre-medical, pre-engineering and science general. All attendance sheets must be prepared roll number-wise and all absent candidates must be clearly marked absent in the attendance sheet against their roll numbers.

The BIEK while issuing instructions for examiners has said that the use of ink remover on award lists for correction will not be allowed if examiners made corrections in the award list, then they would cut off the wrong entry with their signature after correction.

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