FUUAST organizes 12-day Math-To-Industry Boot Camp

FUUAST organizes 12-day Math-To-Industry Boot Camp

FUUAST Math-To-Industry Boot Camp

Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology (FUUAST) organized the 2nd session on the role of mathematical models & geographic information systems in achieving Sustainable Development Goals. The second online and hybrid training session of the 12-week Math-To-Industry Boot Camp was held on December 16, 2021 under the Laboratory of Applied Mathematics and Data Analysis Research Mathematical Sciences Center, FUUAST. Dr Ali Asad Naqvi, Asst. Professor, GCU Faisalabad (GCUF), spoke online on the role of mathematical models and geographic information systems in achieving sustainable development goals.

He discussed in detail the urban system and industrial development through drone mapping and cryptography techniques. In her closing remarks, Dr. Shaheen Abbas, Acting Director, Research Center, highlighted the importance of conducting Math-to-Industry Boot Camp which is organized first time in the history of the FUUAST, saying that applied mathematics and related sciences, Geographic Information System, Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Neural Networking. Skills are essential for sustainable development.

If the young generation wants to join the ranks of developed nations, they will have to prove their abilities in these fields. The chief organizer of the session, Dr. Muhammad Ilyas, said that the Math to Industry Boot Camp aims to make the youth aware of their potential and make them aware of the various Mathematics related fields used in the industry so that they can pursue their careers in industry and take advantage of the wide range of job opportunities. The second (online and hybrid) session of 12 weeks math-to-industry boot camp benefited a large number of students and faculty members of multidisciplinary fields.

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