Justice (retired) MushirAlam has said the concerned senior citizens of Pakistan are under an obligation to lend all-out support to the charitable efforts being made in the country to educate children of underprivileged families.

The former senior judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan expressed these remarks as he visited the Martin Dow Campus of the non-profit Green Crescent Trust located in Karachi’s. on the occasion, he said that after his retirement from the judicial service, he is fully available to support the bona fide non-profits like the GCT to further their cause to educate children belonging to needy families.

He urged the educated youth and senior citizens to spare time to voluntarily work for the charities like the GCT in order to help them speedily achieve their noble causes in society.The retired senior judge underlined the need to evolve a system to properly train the volunteers associated with the charities in Pakistan much like the training system in vogue for the paramedics.He said he had envisioned that after his retirement, he would establish a voluntary organization where the concerned citizens like him could combine their efforts to support efforts being made to rehabilitate special children and minors whose families lived below the poverty line.

He appealed to the masses to come forward and fully support the GCT’s sincere charitable work in the education sector as the leadership behind the charity was God’s chosen people to do the desired humanitarian service in order to end the sufferings of the downtrodden communities.

Also speaking on the occasion, the GCT CEO, Zahid Saeed, said the platform of his charitable organization is fully available to the honourable retired justice to fulfill his dream to establish a voluntary organisation for deserving children.He informed the retired judge that the GCT had been running a network of over 150 charitable schools in remote and least developed areas of Sindh having an enrollment of total 29,000 students.He said that out of these 29,000 students, 1,800 were orphans as an extensive programme was being run to support them. Zahid Saeed said that the GCT also managed water projects in over 1,200 villages of Thar.

He said the GCT also aimed to establish overall totalover 250 charitable schools with enrollment ofover 100,000 deserving students in Sindh under its Vision-2025.The GCT CEO said that all the operations of his charity were fully Sharia-compliant for utilization of Zakat. He said the GCT also aimed to establish linkages with like-minded charities to collectively work to spread literacy in Sindh and GCT is already actively working with Shahid Afridi Foundation, Sindh Education Foundation, Indus Hospital, i-care Foundation, LRBT and many other NGOs for the past many years on joint projects. Zahid Saeed expressed gratitude to the donors and well-wishers of the GCT as on the basis of their unrelenting support his non-profit had been continuing its charitable work for the past 27 years.

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