The Institute of Space Science and Technology (ISST) University of Karachi (KU) on Tuesday make special arrangements to witness a partial solar eclipse for faculty, students, media, groups of youngsters interested in astrophysics, and others.

On this occasion, the KU Director ISST Professor Dr Muhammad Javed Iqbal shared that through the 16-inch computerized Meade LX-200 and Sky-Watcher (8 inches) Telescope which is installed in the ISST Astronomical Observatory and can keep the record of 65, 000 astronomical objects, faculty, students and others have observed the partial solar eclipse at its Astronomical Observatory on Sunday.

He informed the audience that the total duration of the partial solar eclipse was around 1 hour, 59 minutes, and 24 seconds in Karachi and it started at 3:57 pm and reached its peak at 5:01 pm and comes to an end at around sunset i.e. 5: 56 pm.

Meanwhile, while giving a briefing to the local media, Professor Dr Muhammad Jawed Iqbal said that during this partial solar eclipse, the moon covers only parts of the sun, as seen from Karachi. There are no locations on earth where the sun appears completely covered during this event.

He said that it was the second solar eclipse of the year and it was visible in many parts of Pakistan. He further said that this partial solar eclipse was also seen in most of Europe, Northern Africa, the Middle East, and Western parts of Asia.

He mentioned that KU ISST has witnessed an astronomic event that was attended by researchers, media persons, and field experts and they experiences one of the rare events of the solar system. According to him, the KU ISST also live-streams this event on the social media page and advised that the general public should always take precautionary measures during such events.

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