Seven myths about students living in hostels

Seven myths about students living in hostels


Seven myths about students living in hostels, You Must Know

The students who come from other cities to study at big universities face a lot of trouble. Both in their hometown and their universities, people have different kinds of labels attached to them. Particularly, they being the hostelite students have to face a lot. Some of these things can be enjoyed and some mean real trouble especially for girls. If you are also a hostelite, you must have heard of these myths. Here are Seven myths about students living in hostels, You Must Know

  1. They smoke and drink 

Our society just freaks out from the idea of sending children away from home to study and live in the hostels. Particularly the people from small cities would bring this point as the biggest objection against sending them to hostels. These myths are not confined to just those cities. You hear people talking about it in the universities, too. So, you are most likely to smoke and drink if you live in a hostel. This is mostly said about girls because for boys, it is not a big issue. However, bigger things are said about them.

Well, to make it clear, this is highly inaccurate. No girl going to hostels means she would get addicted to cigarettes or alcoholic drinks.

  1. They are living the best independent life

Hostel life is difficult and full of challenges. You have to take care of taking mess at the right time, do your laundry while standing in rows sometimes, go to the doctor on your own, and come back to the hostel at a proper curfew time. But for the outside world, the reality is different.

They think hostelites are living away from families so they are living their best comfortable lives where they can do whatever they want. Well, since the hostel is a proper institute, there are certain rules for every act. So, you have to do everything according to that set of rules. Thus, there are more restrictions than you might have from your family.

  1. They don’t study 

This myth is mostly true about boys. You must have heard from someone before your parents decided to send you to a hostel that you will waste time with other boys and will not study. Well, the reality is different. If you are a committed student, you will study whether at home or hostel. Also, boys get together in each other’s hostels to study together. Even, someday scholars join them. So, a hostel has no role in not making a student hardworking.

  1. They do drugs

This is again famous for the boys living in hostels. Their smoking and drinking are not very big issues so, people talk about them taking drugs. In your hometown and your university, you must have justified to a lot of people that this is not true.

You will very rarely find some hostelite boys taking drugs even outside of the hostel. And, within hostels, it is near to impossible.

  1. They don’t take classes 

Another big misconception is that the students who come from hostels do not take classes. They just keep enjoying their life in the hostel and with their friends outside and do not know the importance of taking classes. Many people believe this is true. However, the class presence and even the score of hostelites do not prove any such theory. They might have their other activities as sometimes they are politically active about their issues faced at the hostel, which is a good thing, but their class presence is equal to day-scholars.

  1. They are perverted boys and girls 

In many terms, hostelites are considered as perverts by other people. The most common way you would have heard it is, ‘the environment is not good and the girls are corrupt.’ The same is true about boys. They are considered morally corrupt and non-serious students. Moreover, there are also concerns about their deviated sexual orientations which might not be said aloud but yes, it is also considered true about hostelites. Well, none of these facts have any sound bases.

  1. They don’t take care of cleanliness 

Last not least, hostelites do not care for cleanliness and hygiene. Actually, they have to live in a small place and adjust all of their belongings including books and clothes in the limited space available to them. So, you might find their rooms a little messy but that does not mean they are not clean.

Some might not stay clean but this has nothing to do with them being hostelites.

Long story short, the hostel is considered a separate world by the people who do not have exposure. Yes, it might work as a different institute, but the students are just like other students. So, next time before you think of them as perverts or the ones who are not serious about their studies, look around you and do some research.

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