One-Third Of Children In The UK Face Mental Health Issues


One in three children in the UK is facing mental health issues that include depression, lack of focus and other negative feelings, according to the findings of a latest survey. The study found increasing number of school children than previously thought were struggling with their mental wellbeing in the UK and were facing problems like sleep deprivation, anxiety and lack of interest.

The survey was administered by Action for Children, one of the leading children’s charity in the UK working for the neglected and vulnerable children and their families. The organization runs more than 650 projects and services across the UK and has worked for over 300,000 children, youngsters and their families in relation to foster care, child neglect, adoption and disability respite therapies.

The survey included 5,555 children aged between 13 and 15 from various parts of the UK. The respondents were questioned about their mental health and wellbeing, among which 840 were found to have a mental issue. The researchers of the study utilised the CES-D scale, under which the researcher asked 20 questions in relation to the child’s mental conditions, giving them scores out of 60.

How to look after your child’s mental health

According to the findings, almost a third of the children scored at least 20 in the test, which meant that the students needed assistance and treatment under the charity’s’ “blues programme”. This blues programme is administered by the organisation in various parts across the UK and provides psychological assistance to students facing mental issues or concerns, assisting them in the prevention and treatment of mental issues.

The survey found that some of the most common mental health issues among children included depression, anxiety, restlessness, sleep deprivation and negative tendencies. Furthermore, some respondents felt difficult to “get going” in everyday life routines. Moreover, respondents failed in focusing on what they were doing or felt things required “an extra effort”.

According to Action for Children Chief Executive Julie Bentley, “It’s troubling that so many of our young people are dealing with issues of depression and anxiety, and all too often alone.” Mounting pressure from school work and increasing use of social media are too much for the youngsters to handle, leading to increasing prevalence of mental issues, she added.

“Young people are increasingly concerned about their futures as they become more aware of the political environment around them. Many are dealing with the intense pressure of school work, others are experiencing problems at home,” Bentley added.

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